Create an affordable screen on any smooth surface.
A profesional solution to custom installs.

Paint is the main coating for the projection screen. Watch full HD, 3D, and even 4K ULTRA HD videos. This paint is very easy to use and you receive the best quality for a good price! 

Paint On Screen has a lot of benefits:

  • It is a patent pending formulation of compounds developed through extensive research.
  • Provides flat spectral response eliminating image color shift.
  • It is formulated on an absolute neutral gray scale.
  • Eliminates 4:3, 16:9, 1.78:1, 1.85:1 and 2.35:1 masking problems.
  • Clearly represents pixel resolution up to 4K Ultra HD.
  • It costs hundreds less than any other solution.
  • It is very easy to apply. One application with no special mixing or tools.
  • Paint On Screen lasts a lifetime, and can be wiped clean and painted over if needed.
  • Paint On Screen carries a 100% satisfied, no questions asked, guarantee. 

How to paint projection screen diy


How to paint projector screen diy


Gain, Contrast, Ambient Light Rejection, Resolution, Uniformity, and Flat Spectral Response all play an important part in image clarity. No other product, in any form, performs to a higher standard than Paint On Screen. It was conceived as an easy roll-on or spray solution that manages each variable of video projection. It became a calculated formula that maximizes pixel definition, provides perfect uniformity, introduces zero color shift or tinting all while rejecting specular and diffused reflection (also known as ambient light) with its inherent layering technology.

Because of the unique structural properties of the compounds formed in Paint On Screen, light passes through leafed and channeled "mirrors", allowing the screen to intensify and return radiant pictures that surpass the best of conventional screens. These channelled mirrors are so small that only the light defined by the pixel is returned to the viewer thus producing a razor sharp image.

The advantages of having a permanent painted screen are obvious. A screen that doesn't flex or roll up allows for the perfect light-producing structures to form. In order to achieve the highest resolution your image support must be very rigid. Slight curves and even unperceived unequal tension will cause less then desireable uniformity and thus reduce pixel clarity and resoltuion. Using a paint instead of a traditional vinyl material is the only way to ensure a perfect picture. 


Painting the best projection screen

Channels of light thinner than a hair allow your images to absorb, intensify and radiate beautiful color.

how to choose projector screen paint

Paint on Screen uses a real silver metallic base to achieve a far superior solution found nowhere else. Paint On Screen uses a specialized and highly refined silver metallic base to ensure pixel clarity, sharpness and uniform brightness. Our silver is known for being the most contrast-boosting and color-enhancing material of any screen type. 

Do it yourself paint projection screen

A screen that doesn't flex or roll up allows for the perfect light-producing structures to form. Using a paint instead of a traditional screen is the only way to ensure a perfect picture.

Why A Painted Static Screen Out Performs A Roll Up Screen?

  • Any screen that rolls up changes its structural surface area and loses its performance level quickly.
  • A painted screen is not susceptible to damage as with a flexible cloth / material screen. Digital Screen Paint can be wiped clean with no loss of performance. In the event that the screen is damaged you can always apply a fresh new coat for a brand new finish!
  • Paint On Screen costs hundreds less than even entry level theater screens and outperforms the most expensive. Buy projector screen paint now!

Digital Theater Paint is very good at:

  • Boosting contrast and adding depth to images
  • Liquefying blacks and eliminating hotspots
  • Expanding viewing angle and rejecting ambient light
  • Low ration of extinction for 3D and 4K Ultra HD compatible
  • 160 degree wide axis viewing and high polarisation retention 

Ever noticed that no matter what screen size you go with you have format issues switching from TV to HDTV, DVD to Cinema Wide? One traditional hanging screen cannot display all these different formats without cropping, distorting or very expensive masking.
A paint-on projection screen eliminates all aspect ratio formatting and masking problems. Traditional screens have such a pronounced edge that with any change in format a very noticeable gap or spacial difference is obvious.

how projection screen masking problem   different projector screen resolution


With a projection screen paint you no longer have to worry about image bleeding, aspect changes from TV to DVD or expensive masking systems. You are now free to design / build without traditional screen size restrictions. With a traditional static, manual or electric screen you would need different masking configurations to accommodate all film aspect ratio formats. Any type of border can be used or no border at all. Do it yourself - paint your screen! 

4K Ultra HD projector large screen   best 4k ultra hd projector screen


High Definition 3D Projection requires a high silver content screen to deliver a low Ratio of Extinction in order for the polarized image to stay sharp after its initial spectral reflection with the screen. Typical 3D projection systems employ the use of very large screens and are best suited for spraying the screen composition onto.  

choose the best 3D silver projection screens 

Screens for 3D projectionis pinnacle in providing vivid contrast, sharp resolution and Polarization Retention.

Paint On Screen is the only manufacturer of 3D Silver based projection screens that can be used in the home as well as in commercial applications. Paint On Screen economics gives the consumer a financial advantage in purchasing power for 3D media and equipment. Learn more about 3D HD Silver Screen and 3D Projection Screens.