Create an affordable screen on any smooth surface.
A profesional solution to custom installs.

Designed by lightinineers & used by custom installers around the world, Paint On Screen is the #1 used projection screen system available.

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  • 4K HD Compatible
  • Neutral Colour Shift
  • Ambient Light Rejection
  • 160 Degree Viewing Angle
  • Interior and Exterior
  • Razor Sharp Clarity
  • #1 Custom Solution

It is the best solution for video projections: all surfaces, clear images, suitable for interior and exterior, ULTRA HD compatibility, easy application! Paint On Screen is very easy to apply!

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how to make outdoor projector screen

It is designed to be applied just like any other interior paint. The screen can be used immediately after application. Care should be taken to ensure a smooth screen surface. A smoother screen, free of defects, provides the sharpest image. Paint On Screen will take 24 hours to cure to perfection but can be used immediately. See Specification Guide.

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how to make your own paint projector screen

 Simple Installation Instructions:

Paint On Screen works excellent on drywall. There is no special preparation needed and no special methods of application. It is an extremely easy product to use and produces solid, accurate results.

Start by determining the distance needed to project the desired size screen allowable by your projector.

  • Outline the maximum size your projected image can occupy.
  • Mark the borders of the screen with blue painters tape. (optional)
  • Apply two (2) Light Coats. Let dry between each coat.


  • Gain = .95 - 6.0 ( depending on selection )
  • 110 - 160 Viewing Angle ( Cone )
  • Very High Viscosity 440+ cSt
  • 3D HD must be sprayed
  • Maximum VOC: 50 g/l (0.42 lb/gal)
  • If permanently marked or scuffed, reapply fresh coat of Paint On Screen.

Helpful Hints

  • Paint On Screen can be applied to any smooth surface. A smoother surface will yield higher image quality. It is an extremely easy product to use and provides stunning visual impact.
  • If placing on a wall that has already been painted, prepare the area to be painted with a light sanding and primer.
  • Give the screen area two light coats to ensure even distribution
  • You can choose to use any type border you want. A flat black or stained trim of any style can be used for a more classic look while some opt not to use any border for an invisible modern look.
  • Digital theatre paint can be used on vaulted ceilings, family rooms with hidden electronics, media rooms, 3D gaming rooms, simulators. Do it yourself - paint projection screen anywhere!

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