Create an affordable screen on any smooth surface.
A profesional solution to custom installs.

The next most important question after “How to choose a projector?” is “How to choose a screen?”. Do you want to choose a large projection screen with the highest quality? Paint On Screen is the leading single-coat projection screen paint that allows anyone to paint a screen onto any surface.

large projection screen highest quality

Our technology makes creating a projection screen extremely cost effective. In less than an hour you can paint vivid 2D or brilliant silver 3D screen with picture perfect 1080p HD and even 4K UltraHD clarity.



Paint On Screen is the result of hundreds of tests and years of hard work and experience to develop the most effective custom screen solution.

Residential. The primary use for projection screen paint is your own tv, media or theater room. It is extremely easy to apply, inexpensive and delivers stunning results. Digital Theater Paint is a no wires, no mess, create any size in any type of environment solution to HD projection.

Projektorių ekranas mažiausia Kainas   projektoriai projekciniai ekranas

Commercial. Create interactive banners, wall displays, special advertising effects and eye catching window displays all of which is possible in 3D. Paint On Screen is the right solution for projects that need a custom or oversized screen, large arena projection, hidden custom installations and top entertainment enhancements that need a 3D visual element.

Custom Solutions. We offer custom coatings for any 2D and 3D ranging from 0.5 - 6.0 certified gain rating and custom contrast levels. Our coatings are design to be installed indoor or outdoor even in the most severe weather conditions. Paint On Screen has been tested in desert, artic and rain forrest conditions for durability and performance. Contact us for specific formulation requests. Find out more about Paint On Screen.

Paint On Screen is very easy to apply!
There is no difference in application than a typical interior water-soluble paint. Just roll or spray and let dry!


Tapyba projektoriaus ekranas

Living Room Wall to Home Theater! Bigger is Better!

Paint On Screen makes it easy to transform any wall, ceiling, floor, dome, window, building or other surface into a beautiful and extremely effective HD projection screen. Often times our customers will paint the entire wall or just the screen size with a painted border or frame.

A bigger image makes its easier to see all the HD detail in BluRay and 1080p HD video. Visual teaching aids, gamers, designers and enthusiants all agree that a bigger, brighter image is the way to go.


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Creating Unique Commercial Solutions for Clients.

Paint On Screen provides solutions for the entire large media sector. Cost savings are easily seen by operations such as schools, churches, convention centers, conference rooms, hotels, restaurants and sports bars, arenas, large venues, stage productions and more. Improve your productivity by providing a visually stunning, dynamic working environment. Paint On Screen is a cost effective way to upgrade theaters to 3D systems.

We offer complete custom formulation solutions for project specific requirements. Contact us.