Create an affordable screen on any smooth surface.
A profesional solution to custom installs.

For Full HD, 3D, and especially for 4K ULTRA HD projection screens it is essential to show the full range of colours and create a perfect image without any kind of distortion.

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3D HD Silver Screen is a single-coat paint on projection screen that allows you to paint a 3D projection screen onto any smooth surface. 3D examples include media rooms, home theaters, high gain micro projection stations, large digital signage, simulators, commercial advertisement with high ambient light, visual effects and others to name a few. Using 3D HD Silver Screen for your 3D projection will save you thousands of dollars and hours of installation time. Paint on your screen today and go 3D!

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 A little history... 

Paint On Screen is avaible for both passive polarzied and active shutter systems. Paint On Screen is the the only spray on projection screen that is fully metallized in a water based formula for quick and easy installation and cleanup. Paint On Sceen can be applied with any basic paint sprayer.

3D HD Silver Screen. The primary use for projection screen paint is your own tv, media or theater room. It is extremely easy to apply, inexpensive and delivers stunning results. Digital Theater Paint is a no wires, no mess, create any size in any type of environment solution to HD projection.


V1 Silver Screen. The V1 is our flagship coating for active shutter 3D systems or any viewing situaiton were brightness and clarity must be to the highest levels achievable. Pure radiant silver in color and glowing in any light this coating is the centre piece of any visual presentation.


Cost Effective. Using 3D HD Silver Screen is much less expensive to implement and maitain. Use of non specialized tools and reduction in labor time allows projection projects to move quickly and smoothly. 1 Gallon of 3D HD Silver Screen covers over 170 sq ft when sprayed. You can spend 80% less and get 4X more! Find out more about Paint On Screen. Paint your screen by yourself!


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3D Dome Planetarium. The entire color spectrum is enhanced by Paint On Screen's structured composition. With our patent pending formulation, an easy-to-paint-on 3D projection screen is feasible for any surface. See our silver coating at 100x magnification below.

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Technical Information and Details
Paint On Screen produces 2 types of 3D projection screens. The first is the 3D HD which is fully metallized and rated at 2.6 gain for a very bright and vivid picture. The 3D HD Silver Screen is specifically designed for polarzied passive systems. Its very weather resistant, has zero hotspotting, is low VOC and water based for easy cleanup. The second 3D paint is the V1 Silver Screen. This projection screen has a gain of 4.0+ for active shutter 3d theaters. This is the most popular coating in the world for the newest generation of 3D active shutter home theater projectors. Just spray Paint On Screen and finally see your movies in the highest quality resolution available in any home theater or movie studio! Paint On Screen is technically easy to apply. Both 3D projection screens must be sprayed onto their screen surfaces due to their very high gain and required uniformity for a picture perfect result. The good news is 3D HD and V1 are water soluble and are quick to spray, cover evenly and require no special tools. See Specification Guide.

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 And now, welcome to 3D world!


Designed for the newest 3D and 3D Ready home theater projectors.

The Paint On Screen V1 Silver Screen technology allows any smooth surface to be transformed into a beautiful and extremely effective high definition 3D projection screen for active shutter glasses. With the advances of 3d technology and the ever expanding tv programming and movie titles, 3D projectors are far more desirable than flat TVs or rear projection boxes. 

With the use of Paint On Screen you can get stunning, 4.0+ gain brightness that truely impresses the senses by keeping the image razor sharp and brilliantly vivid in any type of ambient light. No framed tv can match the pure beauty of a HD silver screen in 3D. Using Paint On Screen in high traffic areas is a good idea. You no longer have to worry about bumps and scuffs. Touchups are a snap with just a quick fresh coat. Buy it now and paint screen by yourself!



Creating Unique Commercial Solutions for Clients.

Paint On Screen provides solutions for the large venue, special effects and media sector. We typically recommend the 3D HD Silver Screen for most commcerical 3d viewing primarliy dictated by the use of passive polarized 3D systems but remind you that the V1 can also be used in 2D commercial settings making good use of its very high gain factor of 4.0+. Cost savings are easily seen in installations such as schools, churches, convention centers, conference rooms, hospitals, hotels, restaurants and sports bars, plus many more. Improve your productivity by providing a visually stunning, dynamic working environment. Our coatings are industry leading in terms of brightness, measured gain, color uniformtiy, neutral color shift, zero hotspotting, all weather durability and bottom line value. Paint On Screen is also able to custom fomulate various front and rear projection coatings to meet any project requirements. Contact us anytime and talk directly to techincal support.